#MGwaves: Finding My Community

I won PitchWars 2020. No, I didn’t get picked by a mentor, but I found my community. Instead of gaining one author to mentor me through three months of revisions, I found thirty other middle grade writers on my wavelength to cheer me on, share resources, and swap critiques. This is our blog hop toContinue reading “#MGwaves: Finding My Community”

Necessary Pets: Daisy in Wonder

First, thank you to spell check for helping me spell unnecessary. Second, in writing novels, we need to check for unnecessary characters. An unnecessary character is one who doesn’t advance the plot. A good test is how difficult it would be to remove that character. If the character can be removed easily, with no changeContinue reading “Necessary Pets: Daisy in Wonder”

Everything That’s Wrong About My First Book

Analyzing past mistakes is a great way to learn. It’s important to note that I didn’t write my first book with the intent of publishing it. Maybe that makes it easier to dissect why it’s unmarketable. I wrote it as a personal goal. I had started a few other projects over the years that wereContinue reading “Everything That’s Wrong About My First Book”